Dynamic new software to teach impact
cratering processes in our Solar System

Create your own Impact! event. Select an asteroid, a comet or an iron-nickel body. Create different impact craters instantly by varying as many as seven initial conditions.

Send one of these bodies, from somewhere in our Solar System, on its final journey to impact the Earth, Moon or Venus.

Bounce-off, burn-up, or explode small impactors in the atmosphere. Let larger bodies plunge to their destruction and form giant impact craters. Create impacts large enough to destroy the Earth.

Learn about the global effects of  large-scale  impact cratering, the demise of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and the repeated  extinctions of ancient and future life on Earth.

Created by: Leonard Wikberg III, Producer/Director/Animator, Science Data
and Dr. David J. Roddy, Scientist Emeritus, USGS


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