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2-CH, 6-CH, 6-CH Mono 48kHz/16-bit wav
6-CH Mono 48kHz/16-bit aif
DVD01-05 Total Time 2:30:33 h:m:s

DVD01 32:29

TITLE                            TIME  TEMPO     INSTRUMENTATION       DESCRIPTION
Fantasia                         3:13  Medium    Guitar/Synth/Chime    Lite/Airy
FilmTheme1                       3:56  Slow/Med  Orchestral/Strings    Classic/End Builds
FilmTheme2                       1:52  Medium    Orchestral/Horns      Classic/End Ominous
MaidenVoyage_FullCut             9:14  Med/Fast  Various               Dynamic/10 Sub Sections
MaidenVoyage_GuitarChoir         1:49  Med/Fast  Guitar/EtherealVoice  Lite/Airy
MaidenVoyage_HarpPad             1:15  Medium    Harp/Synth            Lite/Airy
MaidenVoyage_PianoSoprano1       1:27  Medium    Piano/EtherealVoice   Classic/Airy
MaidenVoyage_PianoSoprano2       2:01  Slow/Med  Piano/Various         Classic/Airy
Prologue0                        1:16  Slow      Orchestral/Strings    Classic/Ominous
Prologue1                        2:12  Med/Fast  Orchestral/Oriental   Dynamic
Prologue2                        1:26  Med/Fast  Orchestral/Various    Dynamic
Prologue3                        1:26  Med/Fast  Orchestral/Various    Dynamic
Prologue4                        1:18  Med/Fast  Orchestral/Various    Dynamic/Ominous

DVD02 35:01

TITLE                            TIME  TEMPO     INSTRUMENTATION       DESCRIPTION
Outrage_Action1                  0:50  Fast      Various               Dynamic/Rock
Outrage_Action2                  0:35  Fast      Various               Dynamic/Rock
Outrage_FullCut                  2:48  Fast      Various               Dynamic/Rock
Prophecy_FullCut                 4:51  Slow/Med  Orchestral/Various    Classic/Ominous
Prophecy_Score1                  2:04  Slow/Med  Orchestral/Various    Classic/Ominous
Prophecy_Score2                  1:13  Slow/Med  Orchestral/Various    Classic/Ominous
Reflections_FullCut              6:10  Slow/Med  Piano/Various         Classic/Airy
Reflections_PianoConcerto        2:30  Slow/Med  Piano/Various         Classic/Airy
Reflections_PianoSolo            1:01  Medium    Piano Solo            Classic
SyntheticOverture_Action         1:20  Fast      Various               Dynamic/Action
SyntheticOverture_FullCut        7:56  Med/Fast  Various               Dynamic
SyntheticOverture_PianoConcerto  2:25  Medium    Piano/Various         Dynamic
SyntheticOverture_SpaceHarp      1:12  Medium    Harp/Synth            Dynamic/Airy

DVD03 28:34

TITLE                            TIME  TEMPO     INSTRUMENTATION       DESCRIPTION
AtSunset                         3:27  Medium    Guitar/Various        Dynamic/Airy
AutumnDance                      3:45  Fast      Piano Solo            Dynamic
Cruising                         4:02  Med/Fast  Various               Dynamic/Airy
FirstEncounter                   2:27  Slow/Med  Various/Synth         Lite/Airy/Space
FromTheHeart                     4:35  Medium    Piano Solo            Classic
MysticalVoyage                   6:41  Medium    Piano/String          Classic/Airy
NightDiveTrad                    1:40  Slow      Orchestral/Various    Classic/Ominous
NightDiveWater                   1:54  Slow      Orchestral/Various    Classic/Ominous

DVD04 24:43

TITLE                            TIME  TEMPO     INSTRUMENTATION       DESCRIPTION
Nostalgia                        1:51  Medium    Guitar/Various        Dynamic/Airy
OnTheMove                        1:46  Fast      Various               Dynamic/Rock
SecondEncounter                  2:29  Medium    Various/Synth         Dynamic/Airy/Space
SilentTears                      3:01  Slow/Med  Piano Solo            Classic
SmoothSailing                    4:20  Med/Fast  Piano/String          Dynamic/Airy
ThirdEncounter                   4:32  Fast      Various/Synth         Dynamic/Airy/Space
TropicalDepression               6:39  Med/Fast  Piano/String          Dynamic

DVD05 29:46

CrystalMountain 18:42
TITLE                            TIME  TEMPO     INSTRUMENTATION       DESCRIPTION
CrystalMountain                  1:15  Medium    Orchestral/Harp       Dynamic/Airy
Densinane                        2:19  Slow      Orchestral/Synth      Classic/Ominous
DimensionalRipples               1:15  Slow      Synth/EtherealVoice   EFX/Ominous
Draz                             1:20  Medium    Synth                 EFX/Ominous
Esmerelda                        1:37  Slow      Piano/Various         Classic/Airy
Herbert                          1:20  Fast      Various               Dynamic/Rock
HodoonsCastle                    2:23  Slow      Orchestral/Strings    Classic/Ominous
Jacob                            1:55  Fast      Various               Dynamic/Rock
JourneyToHodoons                 1:28  Fast      Orchestral/Synth      Dynamic/Ominous
Lance                            3:46  Slo/Fast  Piano/String          Dynamic/Airy

MusicalEFX 9:38
TITLE                            TIME  TEMPO     INSTRUMENTATION       DESCRIPTION
01_1stContact                    0:30  Medium    Various/Synth         Lite/Airy
02_7thWav                        0:16  Slow      Orchestral/Synth      EFX/Ominous
03_Anasthesia                    0:26  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Ominous
04_Ascent                        0:25  Med/Fast  Various/Synth         EFX/Airy
05_Circles                       0:29  Fast      Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
06_CometRain                     0:16  Fast      Various/Synth         EFX/Airy
07_Creeps                        0:27  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Ominous
08_DewDrops                      0:14  Fast/Slo  Various/Synth         EFX/Airy
09_Distance                      0:28  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Ominous
10_Flashback                     0:25  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
11_GenesisWav                    0:11  Fast/Slo  Orchestral/Synth      EFX/Ominous
12_HoldAndSample                 0:25  Fast/Slo  Various/Synth         EFX/Airy
13_MetalWash                     0:25  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
14_MindSweep                     0:19  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
15_RainForest                    0:26  Medium    Orchestral/Synth      EFX/Ominous
16_SaharaSun                     0:23  Medium    Various/Synth         Lite/Airy
17_ShiftTailing                  0:25  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
18_SpaceNoise                    0:23  Fast      Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
19_SpacePort                     0:31  Med/Fast  Various/Synth         EFX/Airy
20_SpaceShip                     0:07  Med/Fast  Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
21_Sparks                        0:23  Medium    Orchestral/Synth      EFX/Ominous
22_Sunrizer                      0:17  Medium    Orchestral/Synth      EFX/Airy
23_SuperNan                      0:23  Medium    Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
24_SynergyMW                     0:27  Fast      Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
25_T-Minus1                      0:25  Fast      Various/Synth         EFX/Strange
26_Thunder                       0:11  Medium    Synth                 EFX/Thunder
27_Tsynami                       0:26  Med/Fast  Various/Synth         EFX/Ominous
28_TyrellCorp                    0:23  Slow      Orchestral/Synth      Classic/Ominous
29_Water!!!                      0:24  Med/Fast  Various/Synth         EFX/Strange