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What's Up in the Universe - Mpeg 224x128 Video - 5:26 Total

Deep Space Series #001 - Mpeg 352x272 Video - 8:59 Total

Countdown to Extinction - Mpeg 224x128 Video - 3:18 Total

MAIN   Animation/Stock Footage Reels - Mpeg 160x120 Video - 145 Minutes Total

95 Worlds and Counting - Mpeg 160x120 Video - 50 Minutes Total

Chicxulub Test Animations - Mpeg 160x120 Video - 2 Minutes Total

Meteor Crater   TimeLapse - Mov 320x240 Video - 1.56 Minutes Total

Meteor Crater  Collisions and Impacts - Mpeg 160x120 Video - 11.5 Minutes Total

Comet ShoemakerLevy9 - Mpeg 160x120 Video - 28 Minutes Total

Mt. Graham International Observatory Solar System Motion Ride - Mpeg 160x120 Video - 13.5 Minutes Total

Water Conservation Videos - Mpeg 320x240 Videos - 0:48 Total

Production Music Library Samples ~ By Frank Cicalese

Full Dome Demos - Requires Quicktime - Play from fulldome folder

Science Data   Demo #1 Space Science Images

Science Data   Demo #2 Space Science Images

Impact!   Our Asteroid Impact Simulator for Museums and Planetariums

Impact!   Kiosk Information - Sample Layouts and Details

New Interactive Products for Museums and Planetariums by Science Data - PDFs

Carolyn Shoemaker names a Minor Planet for Leonard Wikberg III of Science Data

In Memory of David J. Roddy - Meteor Crater Rim Tour - October 16th, 1999 (un-edited tour)

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