Reel #1 Solar System Video - Mpeg, 100kbps, 160x120 scaled to 320x240

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Reel #1
Solar System
51:18 minutes
Copyright 2007

Animation Usage Examples (SGI & Meteor Crater)  00:60:00 m:s:f

Impacts and Asteroids                           14:22:26 m:s:f
Asteroids, Comets, Impacts, Kuiper Belt,
Oort Cloud, Miranda, Chicxulub,
Shoemaker/Levy Comet and etc...

Our Solar System                                01:24:29 m:s:f
Flyby repeat from Reel #4

Sun Animations                                  01:19:29 m:s:f
Sun and Mercury Animations                      03:45:29 m:s:f
Venus Animations                                01:31:14 m:s:f
Earth Animations                                04:37:18 m:s:f
Mars Animations                                 02:54:17 m:s:f
Jupiter Animations                              04:55:18 m:s:f
Saturn Animations                               02:06:12 m:s:f
Uranus Animations                               03:07:11 m:s:f
Neptune Animations                              02:36:11 m:s:f
Pluto and Charon Animations                     00:43:14 m:s:f

Misc Animations                                 06:24:23 m:s:f
Explosions, Big Bang, Quasars,
Proto Solar System, Nova, Big Squeeze,
Discovery Space Station, Shuttle Crafts, etc...