Reel #2 Chicxulub Video - Mpeg, 100kbps, 160x120 scaled to 320x240

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Reel #2
Chicxulub Series
9:07 minutes
Copyright 2007

Chicxulub Asteroid Flyby Mars_2x          30:00 s:f
Chicxulub Asteroid Flyby Mars             60:00 s:f
Chicxulub Asteroid Earth Appro_2x         55:00 s:f
Chicxulub Asteroid Earth Appro          1:49:29 m:s:f
Chicxulub Grd Zero0                       20:00 s:f
Chicxulub Grd Zero0_lessgasdome           20:00 s:f
Chicxulub Grd Zero1                        7:00 s:f
Chicxulub Grd Zero1_lessgasdome           13:10 s:f
Chicxulub Air GrdWave1                    20:00 s:f
Chicxulub Air Wave1                       20:00 s:f
Chicxulub Grd Wave1                       15:00 s:f
Chicxulub Grd Wave2                       15:00 s:f
Chicxulub Water Wave2                     20:00 s:f
Chicxulub Fallout1                        20:00 s:f